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Our classes are led by well-trained, passionate coaches
who have a heart to serve & mentor our students into the
fullness of their ability.

Matt Swafford

General Manager, Boy’s Gymnastics Director and Ninja Warrior Director

Matt was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when he was two years old. He first fell in love with gymnastics while living in Louisiana. He moved to Tennessee in 2000 and continued training until 2004. Matt has been coaching gymnastics since 2006. His favorite part of coaching is watching the students learn and grow in the sport that has shaped many aspects of his own life. Matt has obtained many certifications including CPR, First Aid, USAG, and Concussion Awareness.

He got married and started working for Shining Light Gymnastics in 2015. He began to go through several leadership training courses and was awarded the General Manager position at Shining Light in 2018.

Re Shephard

Floor Manager and Trainer

Gymnastics has always been Re’s first love. She started gymnastics when she was 5 years old. From there, she began competing at age 6 and continued into upper level competition until the age of 13. While competing in California during junior high school, her Class 3 team won the state championships. At the time, Re was ranked 14th in the state.

While in high school, Re cheered for 4 years and began coaching recreational and team gymnastics when she graduated. After coaching for 8 years, Re decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida, which she obtained in 2000. She went on to work in Cardiac and Respiratory Rehabilitation for 10 years before she started to miss her first love. In February of 2010, Re decided to start coaching again and has been a part of the team at Shining Light ever since. Re has obtained many certifications including CPR, First Aid, USAG, and Concussion Awareness.

Bethany Wilson

Office Manager

Bethany worked at Academy Sports and Outdoors as an Operations Manager from 1999 to 2017 and then joined Shining Light as an Office Manager in 2018. Bethany and her husband have 3 children that actively participate in a variety of sports and love Shining Light so much that it has become their second home. They spend a lot of time at Shining Light, as a family. They are very invested in making it a success for the families of Spring Hill and surrounding areas.

Andrea Davidson

Marketing and Public Relations Director

Andrea was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Mannheim, Germany. She moved to Tennessee in 2017. Andrea has an extensive background in project management, information technology, event planning and early childhood education. She has been employed as a consultant by Fortune 500 companies, but truly finds joy in working for a family run business that represents the values that she believes in. Andrea loves that Shining Light is making a positive impact on the community and is helping to shape the future through children. She finds tremendous joy in having the opportunity to use her skills to feed her passion for helping with the development of children.

Jenny Groom

Home School Director, Retail Manager and Girl’s Gymnastics Team Director

Jenny was born in Wisconsin, but spent her school age years in Florida and then moved to Tennessee in 1989. Her absolute favorite thing to do is coach gymnastics and she has been doing that since she was 14 years old. Jenny was a competitive gymnast from the time she was 6 until she was 13 years old. Jenny also did ballet and dance from the time she was 3 to 18 years old. Jenny is overwhelmed by the joy that she receives through watching her students succeed in gymnastics and every day life. Jenny has obtained many certifications including CPR, First Aid, USAG, and Concussion Awareness.

Melissa Teaney

Girl’s Gymnastics Team Head Coach

Coach Melissa started gymnastics when she was 5 years old and competed through level 6 at Olympia Gymnastics in Michigan. During her middle school and high school years she played volleyball, basketball and and also pursued horseback riding but the love of gymnastics never left her. She resumed gymnastics after high school. Returning to her home gym in Michigan, she began coaching in 2008 and eventually started competing again. Coach Melissa competed through level 9, making it to level 9 Eastern Nationals. In 2016, she stopped her competitive career and moved to Tennessee and continued coaching. She is very excited to be part of team Shining Light!

Zhelsea (pronounced Chelsea) Davidson

Parent/Child and Pre-Rec Director

Zhelsea was born in Texas and moved to Tennessee in 2017. Zhelsea was a cheerleader from the age of 11. She pursued an Aesthetician degree and takes Acting and Modeling classes. Zhelsea started working at Shining Light in 2018 and quickly advanced in her coaching position through hard work, dedication and her love for being a role model and guide for her students. She truly cares for her students and works hard at her gymnastics coaching craft to provide the best experience possible for them.

Danielle Ridenour

Cheer Director

Danielle grew up in Knoxville, TN where she cheered for Premier Athletics from ages 8-18. When she was a senior, her team received a paid bid to attend the Cheerleading World Championships where they placed in the top ten. After graduating high school, she was given the opportunity to coach at Premier while attending The University of Tennessee. During her years at Premier she coached teams to multiple National championships, including an International All Levels title in 2010. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a BSBA in Finance, she moved to Brentwood with her husband to help him with his business. After their kids signed up for classes at Shining Light, mom knew she needed to be back doing what she loved to do…coaching. Danielle has obtained many certifications including CPR, First Aid, USASF, USAG, and Concussion Awareness.

Breanna Jennette

PNO Director

Breanna was born and raised in Tennesee. She grew up in gymnastics and it has made a big impact in her life. She began coaching gymnastics at 14 years old and loves passing on all the wonderful skills and memories to her students. She saw the caring atmosphere at Shining Light Gymnastics and knew that it would be a great environment to pass on her passion for her beloved sport.

Max Hawkyard

Camp Director

Coach Max’s gymnastics journey began at age 6 in Northern California. She was the first of her gym’s competitive gymnasts, where she competed in compulsory levels until she was 14 years old. After she stopped competing, Max began to coach at her home gym. During this time she continued to hone her tumbling skills. Her tumbling abilities helped her land acting roles at her local community theater; an art she pursued into her late teenage years.

In 2018, Coach Max got married and a year later moved to Spring Hill, TN with her husband. She started coaching at Shining Light Gymnastics. Max quickly fell in love with SLG and has become involved in several programs. She holds the titles of Lead Coach of Pre-Rec, Co-Coach of Sparklers, and Director of Camp. Coach Max has certifications in identifying concussions, CPR , and first aid. She is certified by the American Camp Association and is currently pursuing a degree in Child Development and Family Studies.

John Woerner

Tumbling Director

John started his gymnastics career in 1994 as a men’s competitive gymnast. He earned numerous state titles and competed regionally across the southeast US. He transitioned to competitive power tumbling where he trained as a level 10 power tumbler and simultaneously joined competitive cheerleading at both high school and college levels.

John started coaching at 14 years of age and has coached at 5 different gyms over the years. He has coached competitive and recreational gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling throughout his tenure. John has obtained many certifications including CPR, First Aid, USAG, and Concussion Awareness.

When John started a family, he took several years away from the sport to pursue a career outside of gymnastics. Now he works a full-time career and started coaching for Shining Light Gymnastics in 2018 due to his love for the sport and passion for development. One of the things he loves about Shining Light is the great team of employees and how each employee is offered ongoing development and training to continue to improve their knowledge and styles.

Roni McKernan

Open Play Director

Prior to Roni moving to Tennessee in 2013, she spent 5 years teaching in schools in Japan. She grew up doing tumbling, cheer leading and dance. She joined Shining Light Gymnastics in 2017 because it gave her the chance to put together her love for teaching and the passions she had as a child.


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