Cheer Team

All Star Cheer

Shining Light Gymnastics provides the mental and physical discipline needed for competition within a framework of positive reinforcement and encouragement.


(For Girls Ages 7-16)

The old cliché “There is no I in team” cannot be more apparent than in competitive cheerleading. To be successful in this sport, our athletes must not only be strong, disciplined and talented on their own, they must stand strong as a team. Competitive cheerleading is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, with an emphasis on sportsmanship.

All-Star Cheer teams require skills in tumbling, stunting, dancing and cheering. This sport builds physical, mental and emotional strength. Participating on an All-Star Cheer team is a wonderful experience when the program, the athlete and the parents are all working toward similar goals. Being a member of our cheer team provides an opportunity to create camaraderie that can last a lifetime.

Our All-Star Cheer program is governed by USASF (US All-Star Federation) guidelines. Team is an invitation-only activity for students who demonstrate specific talents, drive and discipline. Students may be invited to try out for one of our teams by a Team Coach. Our All-Star Cheer Team requires time and financial commitments.

The required training for our All-Star Cheer Team is 4 hours per week.


Develop your Child's Mind Body & Soul Creating a Healthy Foundation for Their Future

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